Most Uncomfortable Estate Planning Questions You MUST Answer

What will happen to my family and belongings if I am not around anymore? This is one of the most uncomfortable, but necessary, questions we must ask ourselves for the sake of our family. 

3 Most Uncomfortable Estate Planning Questions

What happen to your bank accounts with online passwords?

We currently have online bank accounts and various e-wallets. If you haven’t shared this information with family, they may find it difficult, if not impossible, to access necessary information to fulfill the requirements of your estate plan.

If you both are not around, who will raise the children?

It’s hard to imagine both of you passing away simultaneously before your children are old enough to take care of themselves. If you don’t plan on what should happen to your minor children, you are left ‘intestate’ or without a will, then the courts will.

Have you named all of your beneficiaries for your all your assets?

Nearly all of your assets and accounts allow you to designate your beneficiaries. If you did not name your beneficiaries, your assets may not be divided in accordance with your wishes.

Get your problems solved by writing a Will

Digital Assets Management

Manage comprehensively and safely for all your digital assets via an appointed digital facilitator.

Comprehensive Will Plan

Our advisor would understand your situation and provide you with an advisory process to complete the comprehensive will plan.

Distribution to Beneficiaries

Resolve any uncertainties by designate all your beneficiaries in your will as per your required wishes.

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At Prisma Wealth, our simple and unique methodology is what sets us apart from other financial planners, advisors or agents. We believe your financial roadmap must not only consider your current financial situation and long-term goals but also the unique circumstances in our everyday living.

The Simple Process

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Sign up the application form and book an appointment for your Will Advisory process.

Step 2

Discuss with our Licensed Financial Planners for the advisory process and preparation of the Will.

Step 3
Review and Sign Will

Will to be sent for your review and if there are no issues, to proceed with Will signing.

End Simple

Financial Basics Review

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