The 2 Common Myths of Will Writing

Will Writing only done by Wealthy Individuals

Throughout my conversation with individuals, almost of think that Will Writing is only done by individuals with plenty of assets, whether it is cash, stocks or property. Most of their common answers would be, “I do not have much assets to pass on my wife/husband, children or my parents.” Or “You know lah, I don’t own much things. Why do a Will?” However, this thought is often short-lived as most of them would then realize that they would be accumulating assets over time. Furthermore, as life phases are always changing, eventually these assets would be passed onto their family members or someone which they intend to.

Will Writing costs a lot of Money

Many would think that will writing costs a lot of money as it is performed by an appointed legal firm or a lawyer to manage the wealth of wealthy families. However, as differ from what we seen in TV dramas, will writing now is very accessible to majority of public as it could be done by will writing providers. As these providers are very focused on will writing, you can get proper advice and steps on how to get your will done as per your wishes. Furthermore, the costs are considerably lower as compared to legal firms.

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