Financial Basics Review

The Financial Basics Review would provide you with 3 Main Benefits which are 1) Optimizing Costs, 2) Maximizing Assets and 3) a plan to provide Sufficient Liquid Cash.


The Financial Basics Review would provide you with a review on your financial standing via the following:

Key Financial Risk Ratios

Evaluation of your current Key Financial Risk Ratios with information of your current Insurance Coverages, Cash Flow and Insurance Needs. Optimize your cash to only buy what you need and not more.

Actionable Plan

The review would provide you with an actionable plan on practical ways to optimize costs and maximize assets to meet the recommended financial goals. It also designed to give recommendation on financial contingencies.

Contingencies Planning

To have your financial goals designed to be sufficient and available for you and your family whenever contingencies do happen. This review would provide the estate planning recommendation process.

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