Online Will Writing Service in Malaysia

Online Will Writing
Online Will Writing

Many services can help you to write a Will online in Malaysia. Before we provide further information on the options, we assume that you don’t already have a will, and there are a few things to note before you write a Will Online. For every Will Writing process, whether done offline or online, a person must be of sound mind and ensure that the Will document is valid per Malaysia’s Probate and Administration Act 1959.

Essential Items to Understand in a Will

  • An Estate is everything you own, including property, savings, possessions, and debts.
  • Your Beneficiaries are the people you want to receive your assets when you die.
  • The Executor is someone you appoint to manage your estate and distribute your assets according to your wishes.
  • A Guardian is someone you appoint to care for any minor children you have.
  • And finally, if you want to set up a Trust, that’s something you can do in your Will to distribute assets according to specific instructions that you set forth.

If you die without a will, you die ‘intestate’ and the Distribution Act 1958 will determine how the person’s estate will be distributed. 


Option 1# – Online DIY Will Writing

Once you gather all this information, you can begin writing your Will. Many online will-writing services will provide templates you can use or create a document yourself. Be sure to include all relevant information, such as who your beneficiaries are and what you want them to receive. It would be best if you also named a guardian for any minor children in your care. The document shall also be in a physical copy to ensure a legally binding Will.

However, when we reviewed the various online options, we realised that most online will writing might not be comprehensive enough for most individuals. If their assets are very minimal and simplistic, it may be sufficient. Most of these services do not have an option for the testator (the person writing the Will) to appoint a trusted and reliable 3rd party executor. It also lacks an option to set up a trust which only a licensed Trustee Company in Malaysia can do. Most importantly, it lacks proper advice on handling most estate planning matters.

Hence, if you’re unsure about having those things covered or to minimise the hassle, we recommend using a more trusted and reliable option to engage an Estate Planning Company such as Rockwills.

Option 2# – Online Will Writing with Rockwills (Hybrid)

Online Will Writing Rockwills
Online Will Writing Rockwills

Due to the current need to meet most demands of customers to have an online will writing process, we are now offering a simple five steps to do a will online. This Online Will Writing is done to cater to the needs of a Will completed online and with comprehensive coverage of most needed requirements offered by a trusted estate planning company like Rockwills. You would have the option to appoint an experienced executor to do all necessary probate processes. You can establish a trust to execute and administer all our estate planning needs.

Step 1: Online Advisory with our Certified Rockwills Estate Planner – Ms Foo Yoong Chih

We would set up an appointment with you and our Certified Rockwills Estate Planner – Ms Foo Yoong Chih, via Google Meet or other online video conferencing tools. During the online session, you would receive personalised advice based on your specific situation. She would also brief you on the following for engaging Rockwills as your Will Writing service provider.

  1. Will Writing Process
  2. Identifying your Estate and your Beneficiaries
  3. Appointing your Executor and your Guardian, if applicable
  4. Option for having Will Custody and Trust
  5. Review of Will and Signing of Will Online

Step 2: Identifying your Estate and your Beneficiaries

The first step in estate planning is identifying your assets and beneficiaries. Your assets are everything you own, including your home, savings, investments, and personal belongings. Your beneficiaries are the people, your spouse or loved ones you want to receive your assets when you die. You’ll need to list all your assets and decide how you want them distributed. You’ll also need to choose who will receive each asset and in what proportion.

Step 3: Appoint your Executor and your Guardian

The next step is to appoint your Executor. This person will be responsible for handling your estate and ensuring that your final wishes are carried out. You can choose anyone you trust, a third party, like a lawyer or financial institution, to do this. However, in our recommendation, it is best to choose a trusted executor, such as Rockwills, who is organised and experienced in dealing with financial and legal matters. If you have minor children, you must appoint a guardian in this step.

Step 4: Option for having Will Custody and Trust

In this step, we would brief you on an option to have your Will stored by Rockwills. While you can keep your own Will, there are various benefits of engaging Rockwills to store your Will. Rockwills Will Custody service ensures your Will is held in a secure and safe place. Also, depending on your needs, you can set up a Trust with Rockwills. As a licensed trustee company, Rockwills Trust services could be used if you want to distribute your assets in a manner according to time and specific requirements.

Step 5: Review of Will and Signing of Will Online

Once we have received all instructions and necessary documentation from you, we shall send it to Rockwills Legal Team to review and provide the draft of your Will. We will then email you the draft copy of the Will. If there are matters which are your concern, you can communicate with our Rockwills Estate Planner, Ms Foo Yoong Chih, for advice.

Upon reviewing and approving all the Will clauses, we will provide you with an original physical copy of the Will via courier for your signing. A time and date are then set for the signing of documents. Since you have opted for an online option, it would be a recorded video session with you, two witnesses and our Rockwills Estate Planner. Your witness (who is not your beneficiary) would witness your signing of the Will and vice versa. All signed original Wills are then couriered back to Rockwills for checking and verification. An original copy of the Will is then couriered back to you and indicates the completion of your Will.

Writing your Will

In our opinion, it does not matter whether it is online or offline to write a will. Through our experience, it is more important to have a process which ensures a complete Will. To find out more in detail, do check out our article, What to know and how to write your will in Malaysia. You would be able to find in-depth information on writing a will in Malaysia.


Get Advise for your Will Writing

Be one of our many happy customers that are enjoying the piece of mind by getting our Will Writing Services.

If you are looking for a comprehensive will writing and advisory service from Rockwills, look no further.

Ms Foo Yoong Chih, a licensed Certified Financial Planner as well as a Franchisee of Rockwills, would be able to offer her advice on your personal estate planning.

With 14 years of experience, we can provide you with everything you need to know about will writing, custody and executor services. So, if you want peace of mind and value for money Will Writing service, do contact us.

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