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Financial Basics Review. 

Your 3 Benefits of Financial Basics Review

Optimizing Costs

Optimizing costs by identifying potential leakages in insurance planning and estate planning

Maximizing Assets

Maximizing your assets by identifying opportunities to grow under-utilized assets to provide sustainable future income

Sufficient Liquid Cash

Getting an all-in-one plan that able to provide adequate liquid cash to you and family in any contingencies

Financial Basics Review Components


Key Financial Risk Ratios

Evaluation of your current Key Financial Risk Ratios with information of your current Insurance Coverages, Cash Flow and Insurance Needs. Optimize your cash to only buy what you need and not more.


Actionable Plan

The review would provide you with an actionable plan on practical ways to optimize costs and maximize assets to meet the recommended financial goals. It also designed to give recommendation on financial contingencies.


Contingencies Planning

To have your financial goals designed to be sufficient and available for you and your family whenever contingencies do happen. This review would provide the estate planning recommendation process.

Prisma Wealth

At Prisma Wealth, our simple and unique methodology is what sets us apart from other financial planners, advisors or

The Simple Process

Start Simple

Step 1
Fill Form

You would complete a webform which contains some basic information in regards to your financial status.

Step 2

Your information would be processed and submitted to our Licensed Financial Planners for review and recommendation.

Step 3

We would arrange a slot of 60 minutes appointment with you and our Licensed Financial Planners for the consultation process.

End Simple

60 Minutes and RM199 to optimize your cash!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Just proceed to purchase the FBR (Financial Basics Review) and you would be provided with a link to fill in all necessary information. Upon submission, our Licenced Financial Planners would then review it. An online meeting would then be scheduled for the consultation. 

You can use Stripe, PayPal or any major credit card to purchase our Financial Basics Review.

Our Financial Basics Review had been beneficial for many of our customers. However, if you are not clearer in your financial situation after our consultation, you can decide to choose to refund on your purchase.