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Financial Basics Review (FiBaR)

Why Financial Basics Review?


Remove 'Fats'

Remove unwanted and unnecessary costs. Get rid of them and replace with valuable features

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs that you are overpaying without reducing coverage and even get higher coverage

Retune Portfolio

Retune your portfolio to get sufficient coverage and investment solution that cover your insurance costs

What benefit you get from Financial Basics Review?

Cash Flow Analysis

Analyzing Cash Flow

A few simple basic information would provide clarity on your current cash flow and understanding on how it could be optimised for cost reduction and gaining extra cash.

Financial Ratios

Useful Financial Ratios

Our FiBaR can analyze your financial situation with useful and practical financial ratios. This prepares contingencies, cost reduction and investment opportunities to suit your financial condition.

Value-Based Approach

Value-Based Solutions

Based on the analysis from FiBaR, we could recommend you value-based solutions with various options. Minimal costs or value-added features all at your own selection.

Actionable Plan

Actionable Plan

With FiBaR, we would provide you with a practical and actionable plan by fully utilizing the financial tools to achieve your financial goals.


Satisfaction on Financial Basics Review (FiBaR)

Your Satisfaction. Our Pride.


Our simple and unique methodology is what sets us apart from other financial planners, advisors or agents. We believe your financial roadmap must be supported by our value-based solutions and actionable plans.

What our happy customers are saying...

This review had helped me to save more costs and time with her (Ms. Foo) professional solution. She does PROPER financial analysis and not 'product' selling' approach.
Jovi Soh
Jovi Soh
Satisfied Client
Through the review, I know what is my current financial situation and how I could improve it better. Not just she (Ms. Foo) provide useful solutions to me but more importantly, she put my interests first.
Chong KK
Cyndia Chong
Satisfied Client
Well prepared, and very informative when presenting their plan to me. And able to provide the best solution according to my situation. Would recommend to others!
Foo Yoong Jin
Eugene Foo
Satisfied Client
A truly professional and knowledgeable Financial Advisor which provide suitable advise based on customer's needs.
Evelynn Sim
Satisfied Client
Understand my current situation to save my costs. While doing financial analysis, I also gain more knowledge on the matter.
Jason Liw
Satisfied Client
Can recommend to others because she understands my current financial situation well with proper financial analysis.
Patricia Tan
Satisfied Client
Putting my interests first and not selling me any products. Really like the solution based plan.
Jackie Chin
Satisfied Client
Knows how to improve my financial situation using solutions. Since its not product selling, I would definitely recommend to others.
Samantha Soh
Satisfied Client

The Simple Process

Step 1
Fill Form

You would complete a webform which contains basic information in regards to your financial status.

Step 2

Your information processed by FiBaR and reviewed by our Licensed Financial Planner for recommendations.

Step 3

Have a 60 minutes online meetup with our Licensed Financial Planner for the advisory process.


Most frequent questions and answers

Just proceed to purchase the FiBaR (Financial Basics Review) and you would be provided with a link to fill in all necessary information. Upon submission, our Licenced Financial Planners would then review it. An online meeting would then be scheduled for the consultation. 

FiBaR is our analysis tool which is designed to help clients to remove and reduce unwanted costs in financial planning. It then includes a Retune module to further rebalance features to bring the best value in your financial roadmap.

You can use Stripe, PayPal or any major credit card to purchase our Financial Basics Review.

Our Financial Basics Review had been beneficial for many of our customers. However, if you are not clearer in your financial situation after our consultation, you can decide to choose to refund on your purchase.

About Prisma Wealth

At Prisma Wealth, our simple and unique methodology is what sets us apart from other financial planners, advisors or agents. We believe your financial roadmap must not only consider your current financial situation and long-term goals but also the unique circumstances in our everyday living.